Heritage Bayswater oak or oxblood?

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  1. Dear all, I need your help please! Currently the Heritage Bayswater is on sale. As the NVT version is being discontinued I think about buying one. I am lucky to have an oak tan croc embossed Bayswater. Should I rather go for oxblood in this case or invest in the classic oak NVT leather? What do you think?
  2. Hi - I think it depends on which colour will work best with your clothes and shoes? They are both good neutrals but the oxblood has a lovely depth of colour.
  3. I recently wrestled with this question myself. In the end I decided to go with the oak Bayswater because it’s just so classic.

    I also have the SBS in oak (older NVT) and I just adore that colour.
  4. Thank you so much for your feedback!
    @MiniMabel: you`re so right! I should be reasonable and check what works best with the rest of my wardrobe. However since I discovered Mulberry I stopped being reasonable :smile:
    @Lovely.Purse: I always wanted an oxblood coloured bag but it`s true, the oak`s a classic. The shame is I can`t see them IRL - we don`t have a shop in Frankfurt :sad: doesn`t make the decision easier.
    I have to make a decision at one point or the sale will be over *lol*
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  5. You could order both and and compare/try on in real life?! :smile:
  6. I have an oxblood Tessie Tote and an Oak NVT Bayswater. What I would say is do you have any dark bags that you can use for days with bad weather? Or would consider getting a raincover for your bag? I love my oak, but even after spraying several times with collonil along with the cream I find that she (doesn’t feel right saying ‘it’) still isn’t very water resistant and any tiny bit of water will stain her. I know that over time with more collonil use she might be more durable and when she gets a patina and is darker the marks won’t be as obvious.

    Sometimes I regret getting the oak because of how delicate she is, but the majority of time I look at her and am so glad that I went for that colour!

    My Tessie is small classic grain so isn’t the same leather as NVT, but I have never had a problem with water stains with her.

    Either way you’re going to have a beautiful bag!
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  7. I use my oxblood new Bayswater much more than my oak heritage. I won’t part with the latter but whenever I want to use a brown colourway I use my Damier ebene neverfull.
  8. Both oxblood and oak look good in the NVT, although oak does require a little more care. You said that you have another bag in oak, why not go for oxblood for something different? :smile:
  9. One thing to bear in mind is that with oxblood vegetable tanned leather the colour can wear away a bit - I had an oxblood SBS and even with only a tiny bit of wear on the corners the colour seemed to go very light... if you get this colour (which is lovely BTW!) it might be worth finding a matching leather cream from Woly, Collinil or similar...

    Good luck deciding, and do show us what you get!
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  10. I wanted to give you a heads up on where I`m at with my purchase. First of all thanks a lot for all your feedback. Didn`t make my decision easier *lol* But I won`t buy the oak or the oxblood. I realised that i don`t feel comfortable paying over 1000€ and not being certain it was the right decision. Instead I`ll keep my eyes open for a preloved one. Or two :smile: