Heritage at Dillards?

  1. Do any of yall know if any of the Heritage line is at Dillards or is it all just in the reg Coach stores?
  2. I actually just got back from the mall and they had all of the heritage at Dillards!
  3. wow! I am so going to Dillards so I can try out the one I want to be sure it 'fits'! Thanks!
  4. Yes, they are at dillards I was just there!
  5. Yep, mine had a LOT of pink and I think just like a bag or two in brown.
  6. I've seen it there too - as well as at Von Maur.
  7. yup they are there!
  8. Yes, big time!
  9. I wish there were a Dillard's in NJ!! I miss that store! :crybaby:
  10. Now I am mad that I didnt have time to go today till after it closed!! I am gonna try to stop by tomorrow afternoon!
  11. I went today and they had everything I wanted to look at except for the Heritage Swingpack! I did try out the Signature Stripe Swingpack though and I liked it a lot! I am waiting to see if they have any sales for Mon. They gave me a number to call first thing in the morning to see if anything is going on ... so we'll see!

    OT: They did have a pretty nice selection of Swingpacks, Wristlets, and Totes on sale for 25% off in some of last seasons stuff and stuff prior to that... such as the two patchwork ones... one has leopard print and one has teals and a tattersall looking patch... Very cute!