Home & Garden Heretic x Goop Candles


Mar 20, 2009
Confession: I'm intrigued by Goop's candle scent descriptions, but don't want to unnecessarily give money to Goop if the candles are run-of-the-mill scents paired with risque names. Has anyone purchased either of her Heretic x Goop collaboration candles? What do you think of the scents, and what would you say they're comparable to?

This Smells Like My Vagina:
Bergamot, geranium, cedar, damask rose, ambrette seed.

This Smells Like My Orgasm:
Pink Grapefruit, neroli, cassis, turkish rose absolute, gunpowder tea.

I like rose and grapefruit scents but I'm not sure about some of the other notes (cedar, ambrette seed, gunpowder tea).