Here's what I got from Fred Segal Melrose...

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  1. 70% off shoes! Got my CL for $187.50. I also got my friend 2 pairs of Men's Dsquared shoes for $132.00 and $138! They still have a few selections of shoes left...nothing below a size 37 though.

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  2. Great find on the heels :wtf:
  3. Great CL deal! Did they have any more CL's?
  4. do they do charge sends? wonderful picks!
  5. wow great price of the CL
  6. wow thats good price for CL!
  7. Yes I saw more CL's in bigger sizes 37 and above. It's definitely worth a call or a trip to the store. Does anyone know if there are any good shoes left at the Santa Monica location?

    8100 Melrose Avenue[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
    (Between N. Crescent Heights Blvd. and N. Havenhurst Dr.)
    Los Angeles CA 90046
    (323) 651-4129
  8. Any Cl's in a size 40-41
  9. Sorry I didn't look to see if there were any size 40-41 shoes :sad:
  10. ahh! i'm a 38/38.5!! i have to make it out there before it's all gone gone gone! it ends this weekend right??
  11. eeeek, what kinds of CLs did they have, and can I order via phone?
  12. Gals...wish I could have spent more time investigating yesterday for ya :sad: If I lived closer, I'd stop by and give you a report. But it took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to get home yesterday!!! I'm not ready to make that trip again lol.
  13. I'm not sure, but the sale may get even better! Few months ago (early Oct) when they had their "Big Sale," shoes were: 1 pair for $90 or something, 2 for $150.. I scored 2 pairs of CL's for $150!
  14. yeah, usually towards the last weekend they do an additional markdown that is pretty heavy to try and get rid of everything then though i think my size is gone as it's pretty common :sad:
    we'll see, i'm probably going to stop by tomorrow night or saturday so i'll be sure to let you ladies know :tup:
  15. :yahoo:OMG..I'm gonna have a heart attack..2 cls dor 150? I never bought 1 CL for that price..