Here's what I got at the outlet store today!!

  1. I went to a Coach Factory Store in Ellenton, FL today. I hope the pictures turned out. I had a heck of a time resizing them. I'm pretty happy with my purchases!! :heart:
    DSC01523_edited-2 (2) resize.jpg DSC01522 (2) resize.jpg DSC01523 (2) resize.jpg DSC01524 (2) resize.jpg

  2. wow you got great deals..Im going to ellenton this weekend! What else did they have and how much did you pay for yours?
  3. nice haul!

    can i ask how much the bleecker wallet was?
  4. very nice ! What is that satchel bag ? Is it from the classic collection ?
  5. I love your purchases! Congrats!
  6. Gorgeous!!!!!! Great Haul!!!!!!!!
  7. Nice purchases! Congrats!
  8. I just checked my receipt and it was $149. Only $20 less than boutique, but I love it and it matches the little bag!:yes:
  9. Okay, I was at Ellenton yesterday too and I did not see that Bleeker signature flap. Is that the large size? I was pretty bummed out when I saw the bottled green and wine Bleeker Large flap at $299 with 20% off. Especially since I paid for it full price!!! :tdown: That's what happens when you're impatient I guess! Congrats on your fabulous loot!!!!:yahoo:
  10. very pretty! I love all your great finds!
  11. Did they have anything good? I want to go this weekend?
  12. Thanks!! I Love It!!! It's from the Hamptons Collection 11046. I got it for $240.
  13. What great finds.... can i ask how much the flower was?
  14. did they have any letter charms?
  15. Awesome purchases! The outlets around me stink! :cursing: Ehhh what the heck?!?! But anyways enough about me...Love you never bags and your accessories are beautiful! Congrats!