Here's the silliest thing I do -- save clothes!

May 4, 2008
I have recently realized -- when I find I really, really like something in my closet, I stop wearing it and "save" it. Usually it is something new but not always. I save it because I don't want to wear it out or .. I don't know .. spill spaghetti sauce on it?

I am feeling pretty silly about this .. thought I would mention it here and see if others will admit to saving their favorites


Aug 16, 2007
I hate that feeling where you love something so much you wanna save it before it wears out. If I know I'll like something sooo much, I buy one or two more for later. Haha. But I usually won't stop wearing it. I paid for it so in my mind, I wanna wear it as much as I can to get more bang for my buck!! I just try to be really careful when wearing it and cleaning it and handleing it in general.


Jun 24, 2008
I save clothes too! I'm afraid I'll get them dirty or ruin them in some way, so I save them for someplace special! Plus clothes that I have really good memories in I don't wear, because I want them to retain the sentiment lol


Jan 30, 2008
I believe in cost per wear. If I like something, I'll wear it to death, so I can tell myself: it's expensive but look how many times I have worn it :biggrin:

Once this lacey silk blouse that I really, really love got attacked by moth inside my closet. Can you believe it! I took it out of my closet and there were a couple of holes at the front! My only consolation was, hey,at least I have worn it heaps.


Nov 13, 2007
Ha, I have a favorite pair of R&R jeans I got years ago. I have had to have the crouch patched about 8 times because it kept wearing thin. They are still perfectly wearable but since they are my favorites I am soo scared to wear them now b/c if they get messed up completely Ill never be able to wear them again..of course its not like they are getting much wear now! In fact, I just got ready to pack them b/c I am moving and realized they are too big now.
These jeans started my whole save the clothes thing! Now I am super careful with my clothes, Only wear them outside my house and change into lounge clothes right when I get home so as not to cause additional 'wear and tear' to them, etc. Its kind of a bummer this obsession I have created. It is my goal to overcome it though! There will be more clothes to buy in the future that will for sure become my favorites.