Heres The Pics Of My New Purple Bag & Zip Card Case!!!!!!

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  1. Here you go--I love them!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: Sorry but some photos have more flash than others. The real color is the card case which I use as a wallet. It has 3 compartments.
    bag1.jpg bag2.jpg bag3.jpg bag4.jpg
  2. Were these purchased from Bluefly? Are they authentic (asked because I just purchased a boatload from them).

    THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL though!! Love that color! Congrats!!!
  3. yay...
    you are now my parma twin....
  4. Gorgeous color...WOW.
  5. Wow, zip card case is a nice size. I was thinking maybe I could use it as a "wallet" in an evening bag...

  6. Beautiful bag and beautiful color :yes:
  7. Simply beautiful! congrats and enjoy in good health!! I think that's the bag I have in my avatar in black.
  8. The purple is such a gorgeous colour. And the card case/wallet with the chain detail is really cute. Congrats and enjoy them.
  9. love the color, congrats !!
  10. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag and I just love the color.
  11. So pretty for spring!
  12. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  13. Wow, those are really gorgeous! Congrats! I love the flap :heart:
  14. No, I bought these in the store in South Coast Plaza. The color is really fun!!!:yes:

  15. Yes, we are now Parma twins:yes: . I did see a BV orange bag and an orange tote on Bluefly today. I really liked the tote but i'm waiting for the fall/winter BV red bags.