Here's the pic of my brand new MJ!!

  1. I hope I can load this properly. Someone asked for me to take photo and send it when the handbag arrived, so here it is! ( I hope)

    I got through NM online and I know some folks had probs with them, but I got my bag without a hitch and earlier than ETA. Just FYI.:heart:
  2. I love that bag! Post this on the Marc Jacobs subforum and you will get more replies. This is an area for the brands that don't have their own subforum.

    Congrats on the new bag--I'll bet it's really soft leather.
  3. It's cute. The top part looks the same as the Marc by Marc Jacobs sharpei, is it? Love the color.
  4. I really like that bag! The leather looks wonderful!
  5. cute! congrats and enjoy your lovely new bag ;)
  6. So cute. You should definitely post it on the MJ forum!
  7. Hey, I like that! I saw it on the NM site but in a lighter shade. Nice bag...color, too.
  8. isn't that the wham bag? totally cute!! congrats on your new baby!! ;)
  9. It's gorgeous!

  10. I love that bag. Gorgeous. Congrats!!:yahoo:
  11. That is super cute! I'm envious.
  12. congrats!