Here's the Kylie

  1. I was thinking of what the Aram and now this Kylie reminded me of...I realized that the new designs are a bit Art Deco.
  2. So sad...these new Koobas are disheartening. In a couple years are people going to be scrambling to get this bag like the Jessies and Jillians?

    Looks like a London Fog Raincoat...reminds me of Columbo roaming around on a cold white Winter Day...smoking a cigar....LOL....OK, no Cigar. And that is a definate NO CIGAR bag!
  3. Yes, absolutely. And Stark! That is the word that describes this bag. Some weird Post Apocolyptic Kooba Bag. Only Koobas and Cockroaches will survive a Nuclear Bomb! Bwahhaaaahaaa!!!
  4. lexie...ROFL...i haven't seen too much anywhere that's WOWING me...although i did get the cassandra and i'm loving it...someone thought it was going to look like a "blob" but it totally doesn't and the leather is amazing...
  5. I love all these awful fall bags popping up, one worse than the other..keep me from getting tempted! Just keep'em coming and I might have some money saved for spring, LOL
  6. And at $675.00....Not on your life. Too many other nice vintage Kooba bags around for half the price.
  7. I wouldnt mind trying the color but definitely on a different bag. And would like to see the leather IRL. I am saving my money this Fall on Koobas I havent seen anything that tells me I have to have it yet.
  8. Not crazy about the style either. Maybe it's better in person? I'd love to see that leather in person though.
  9. Something better has to come along. I'm waiting to see the Sophia, Jennifer and Layla. Can't tell much from the photos on Kooba website. Looks like I'm may end up with just my eggplant Dylan and taupe suede Devin until Spring rolls around.
  10. I got the Hilarie but it was just too big. It was pretty but humongous, even for me who lugs around everything. I also liked the taupe suede Elisha but elected to sell that one to fund the Devin, which I like better.
  11. Am I the only one that thinks the Kylie is okay? It's kind of different in a nice way. However, I'm rather liking the look of it's sister, the Eden, which isn't as tall, but it's wider. This is the only Kooba Fall bag that I'm quietly optimistic about.
  12. I think the Eden is cute...and it's a nice size. But only Pewter and Black Leather and Suede. And for the life of me can't figure out how it opens. has the Kylie's and Eden's out...
  13. Thanks for the link Lexie, I couldn't copy the picture in the Kooba website, but it's possible from the link you gave. Here's the Eden that I'm rather liking the look of, although I agree, I'm not sure how you get in it. It could possibly be fiddly.