Here's the First on me - am I too big for it?

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  1. sorry about the messy room, I need to decide if I should keep or not :confused1: . thanks! I'm 5'10" and 165. thanks

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  2. you know what I think:heart: ;)
  3. No way! It looks great on you!
  4. you're so sweet Jem. thanks:love:
  5. no way it looks great
  6. I think it looks wonderful!
  7. I think you look fantastic with it!
  8. hey becca,
    did you get my PM?
  9. Keep it!! It looks great on you!!!
  10. Absolutely KEEP IT! :love:
  11. It looks great on you!! I would keep it.
  12. Definitely a keeper! :smile:
  13. YEA KEEP IT! It looks so good on you!
  14. Keeper!
  15. you look great... ! I think you should keep it!!