Here's the cocker in tan/pink

  1. This is the same bag that chiaoapple has in her thread but it's in tan/pink colors. Just doesn't have the same punch does it?
  2. I have seen this in person (Noce with Magnolia patent trim). It's subtler. I admit I personally like the Cocker in lighter or brighter colours compared to darker colours such as ebano or black. I think lighter colours brings out the best of the style of the Cocker.
  3. So pretty!
  4. Is this your bag? It's pretty. This one has more contrast between the lleather and the detail trim than chiaoapple's but both are lovely bags. the delicate trim just makes the bag special. I sound like a broken record, but those braided handles are a super touch above ordinary.
  5. No- it's not mine, it's on at a retail store. I agree with you about the braided handle bags- they are special.
  6. lovely
  7. I like it, subtle
  8. it's nice
  9. Those handles are such a work of art! I do like the lighter one better, I think.