here's the Anna Corina I just bought:

  1. yeah def! the jet setter is a really versatile bag
  2. I think it's lovely!
  3. i like it congrats maybe when you get it you can post some modeling pics
  4. Yes, please post some pics! I had a hard time deciding between the jet setter jr and the mini-city tote. Ended up getting the mini-city tote...but still lusting after this one too!
  5. Will do! I used a code for active endeavors I found on ressycakes notepad on MUA, 25% off SORRY25 I believe..
  6. the jet setter is one of my faves
  7. wow that is a really amazing bag...

  8. it's lovely..congrats:tup:
  9. That's gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. congrats :biggrin:!