Here's Taryn!

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2016
    Oh my...I've done it again. Fell head over heels in love with this Large Taryn bag. I've seen it before, but let it go due to price. Now I got it at 50%!! I've seen the black one, but I already have a black/silver specchio Hamilton, so I didn't want a black bag. I don't have a white bag, and this is so cute! I love that it's so different from models I usually see. I haven't seen anyone wear one here. Do any of you have it? NMV2VGR_mu.jpg michael_kors_y5h0418.jpg
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  2. #2 Jul 3, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2016
    It will be my first soft leather bag, as I usually swear to saffiano due to the quality. I was thinking about something in ballet, but I think this one is a bag I can use all year round. It's not a large bag even in the largest size but then again I have my Hamiltons and Selma that can carry alot. So looking forward to hearing from you!
  3. I've seen the bag in stores and would've bought it if it were available with silver hardware.
    The bag look very classy and sophisticated.
    I'm sure you'll be wearing Taryn a lot.
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  5. Lovely bag, black and white will go with anything :smile:
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  6. Thanks, I hope so. Have you touched it? Tried it on?
  7. Thanks! I think so too. I think I can wear it during summer with white dresses/trousers/shorts, and to fall/winter coats/jackets.
  8. I got a large Taryn a month ago and love it! IMG_1132 (2).jpg
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  9. I'm so happy to hear:tup:! Have you worn it crossbody? Do you have a pic of you wearing it?
  10. #10 Jul 10, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2016
    Ok. So Taryn arrived two days ago in imaculate condition, carefully wrapped in three different layers. Soft, with a magical smell of soft leather. Wonderful to touch, delicate silkysmooth black leather and pebbled white leather. Spacious and comfortable to wear. So far so good. But unfortunately here is where it ended. It is too small for my frame. The mesurements aren't that off, but the design /colors makes it look smaller. It looks like a cross between a crossbody and a small suitcase. A bit boxy, just as the photo shows, but I didn't think it would look like this while wearing. I did take the time to unwrap it, try it on, show my friend, but it wasn't love. I knew it when it took me two days to unwrap it, while my selma in ballet that arrived the same day has been in and out of the dustbag several times a day. So, beautiful Taryn ( and now very cheap Taryn with 66% discount ) is going back, and being replaced by Cynthia in ballet with silver hardware. Feeling good about it. :yes: michaelkors_50487_4.jpg
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  11. Sorry to hear you not feeling the love, but you did the right thing, no point keeping a bag you won't wear. The Cynthia looks gorgeous, pics when it arrives
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  12. Yes, you're right. I am a bit dissapionted though, I really thought this bag was going to be all that I hoped for. I just closed the box and marked it, and I feel a bit sad to do so:sad:. I have never held a bag so incredibly soft. Still, I couldn't think of when I would wear it, while my selma has been worn three times already. I love this color, and I hope Cynthia will turn out to be all I wish for:love:
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  13. Sorry the Taryn is not a good fit for you but sending it back & exchanging it for a bag that will suit & serve you better is the best choice. If you don't love the bag, you'll never feel comfortable with it & will wind up getting rid of it. If I don't love something right off, I send it back. They just never seem to grow on me.
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  14. I'm sure it will be love also. Some colours just do that and the handles are so pretty on it!
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