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    By Margaret Pluvinage, Editor at Large

    There is no doubt that the highly coveted Birkin Bag comes with great status. It is one of the ultimate status symbols for a fashion fanatic, but with this great reward of status comes risk. I had no idea how risky it would be to schlep a beautiful Hermes orange Birkin bag, until about 6 weeks into flaunting it out and about town.

    As a proud owner of a tricolor Kelly bag, my dream was now complete; in my closet there were two of the most sought after handbags in the world. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Kelly bag, after each use I place the classic gem down on my nightstand and admire its royal status.

    When I became the proud owner of the Birkin I was equally as delighted, I received the bag while visiting NYC. I immediately took to the grey streets of NYC with my orange Birkin. I found out the way to get immediate service in the Madison Avenue shops is to tote the ultimate status symbol. At the Hermes store I was treated as a major stockholder in a public company, I was part of a very special elite club. As I continued to enjoy the reaction of my bag all around town I had no idea of what was to lie ahead in just 6 weeks time.

    At home I continued to flaunt my beautiful bag, on the sunny streets of California. I was feeling very comfortable using my bag for every occasion, including grocery shopping. When I was unexpectedly called back to NY on family business I wasted no time gathering my things and taking off, with my Birkin in tow.

    The content of my Birkin grew. It was perfect for carrying everything I needed from 10 am to 10 pm, extra layers of clothing (scarves, gloves, hats), make- up, files, breakfast, water bottles, etc. I was running around from one appointment to the next and along the way being complimented on my "great" orange handbag.

    Upon returning home to California, I resumed my regular exercise routine. I noticed that my right forearm was very sore; I assumed it must be my muscles reacting to my greatly missed weight routine. I was a little confused how this would only affect one arm, and then I thought I must have slept on my arm the wrong way. When the pain in my right forearm persisted, I couldn’t help but try to find the source of my pain, when it hit me, it was the weight of my Birkin bag and its contents. I am no novice to the fashion pain. I have endured the pain of wearing Manolo’s all day, a too tight waistband, headache pain due to tight sunglasses, and a sore shoulder due to a heavy shoulder bag. These are the risks I am willing to assume for the sake of looking good or for giving into status. But I must say I never expected a Birkin to be the cause of such pain. I have changed handbags, I am now sporting a black furry Italian bag and I have placed my Birkin on my nightstand and I admire it everyday passively as my pain has not yet gone away.

    I have found out the hard way that there is something more special about a bag with royal status as compared to a bag with actor status; royalty has others to schlep their stuff, and therefore does not have the same risk or need to get their status from a bag!

  2. Thats so funny ! RTE is the irish national tv broadcaster and you know more about whats going on than i do !!!!
  3. ^^Those two articles were so GOOD!!

    Thanks for sharing. The things we do and put up with for what and who we love!:heart:
  4. great articles, thanks
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  6. Thanks for sharing, great articles ^^
  7. thanks for this, bagg!
    it reminds me of an experience i had a while ago @ the pearl river trading company in chinatown:
    i wanted to buy a beautifully embroidered silk jacket that was very long (i am 5'10"),
    but had no pockets (always like/need a pocket or two).
    when i inquired about it, the SA said,
    "this jacket is worn by women of chinese royalty; they never need pockets..."

    btw, i did buy it, 'cause of the length,
    not because of the lack of pockets, a la royalty!:yes:
  8. Great articles!! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks!! Loved both articles!
  10. Thanks for the fun articles!:yes:

    I think the lady in the 2nd artice must be very "wimpy in the arm region":shrugs: :lol: my bag weighs 9.3 lbs!, I have no pain,:wlae: and have no plans to switch to some furry thing.:smile:
  11. ^^ I thought the same thing too!!!! My bag is always packed to the gills and I have not had any problems,.. yet! (*knocking on wood*)
  12. Ditto Avendome & Baggaholic.
    Enjoyed the articles immensively, Bagg!
  13. Loved those articles....but I would simply work out my arms more at the gym so that I could build up my muscles. No way would I give up using a birkin for a little muscle ache!!!!!!
  14. Great articles baggs (gonna post them on tPB if ya don't mind :shame:smile: Anyone know the color/leather combo of the Birkin and Kelly shown in the first article... I'm a newbie, be niiiiceeee :blush: