Here's Rufus!

  1. He's an American Staffordshire Terrier. We got him Dec 30th and he's about 6 months. We didn't want to deal with potty training and he's pretty much trained already.


  2. I see mischief in those eyes. He's very handsome. Congratulations.
  3. i love the name! it really suits him:yes:
  4. What a cutie!!!
  5. Lovely!!!
  6. OMG he is so cute....I bet you are having the best time with him!! Enjoy!!
  7. Oh my goodness, Charles, he is adorable!!! Congratulations.
  8. He's adorable!! congrats!
  9. He's so cute! My daughter's skating coach has 2 Am Staffs and they are SO sweet.
  10. Rufus is a cutie.
  11. Awwww, great addition to your family.
  12. He's a cutie! I love brindle dogs.

  13. Like father, like so..uum pup.;)
  14. what a cutie!

  15. :whistle: