Here's Pictures Of Deana's Twiggy!!!


Aug 22, 2006
Dana Point, CA
:nuts: Well here are a couple of pictures of my 05 Turq Twiggy, and of course the braided tassle I made for her. I am not happy with the pics (because I am an anal nut!), because I think the bags photograph much better in direct sunlight. The first photo had some sunlight but the rest look too dark. I am going to take more pictures in the next day or two. The one with all three bags...05 Magenta Box, 05 Bubblegum Pink City, and the Twiggy is really dark, and I hope to have my new 05 Teal City soon to add to the family photo! You have probably read my post about not liking the Twiggy style, so let me know what you think of it. There is no denying this bag's leather, color, and condition is TDF!!! And when I had all 3 bags on my bed today, I absolutely knew if the turq was a Box or City I would have my 3 dream bags!!! And I would not need to buy any others! Okay Donna, no laughing!!!! Truly though, these 3 05 colors are pure heaven!!! So if my search fails for a mint 05 Turg City or Box, I will have to settle with this gorgeous Twiggy!!!



Aug 16, 2006
Denver, Colorado
Deana, honestly, you take such good pictures, you can make a pile of horse manure look luscious, never mind what you do with Bbags!

Absolutely stunning, like everything else you post. Consistently the highest quality, in taste, presentation, and photography.


Life is a beach
Aug 8, 2006
Florida Keys
Deana, that Twiggy is TDF. It is immaculate. It will not be long like that when you wear it. It slouches beautifully. Your pictures make my bags feel inferior. Like the worst dressed one at the party. Beautiful pictures, beautiful bags.:smile:
Oct 25, 2006
All three are totally beautiful!! I am so jealous. And the braided tassles/decorations you made - TDF!!! Beautiful!!