Heres pics of the stuff at Selfrdiges sale...

  1. I think most of it was at 30%. All the toilet case things had gone.:sad:

    Anyway the coin purses were around £107 I think...the blueberry wallet was £150 (I loved it so much but I wouldn't wanna pay that much), the firsts were £470, you can get them cheaper at browns..theres red, green & blue. The day bags were £357 I think..they did have tan, green & red but when I was in Selfrdiges before I went home the red had sold out. The only cheap thing was one of the wallets like the blue one in a tan/brown colour for 70 was only cheaper b/c the stud that fastens it was broken off. Heres pics of them..
  2. is that a day bag in rouge vif in the second pic????? My dream bag.....:drool:
  3. Oh wow!! Thank you so much for taking that pic Kitty!! You are a star!! So many lovely bags, I love the blueberry:love:
  4. ooh is that a blueberry coin purse?
  5. Thanks for those awesome pics! How I wish I was there!!!
  6. Lovely.
  7. Are those pale pink coin purses?
  8. Oh mama.... I wish I was there too! :crybaby:
  9. tvstar, I think they are Calcaire coin purses. I managed to snag one in Selfridges London, although other Selfridges might have pale pink and Calcaire!
  10. Wow pretty!!!
  11. :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: .......I would love to dive into that pic and just roll around with all those beautiful, yummy bbags:drool: .......:sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: I'm sorry, I must have been daydreaming...
  12. I want that camel day, the last one hidden behind, the non-veiny one....arrgghhh... I wanna fly over to london now!!!!!
  13. Which Selfridges? I need to make a phone call...
  14. thanks for the pics! this isn't good...suddenly starting today, the day style has begun to grow on me...would like to own one in black or red one day....sigh!!!
  15. Ohhhh MY Godddddddddd!!! I also want to be there!
    Thanks for sharing.