Here's my two paddy's from NAP

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  1. Well, the long awaited choco arrived today. Beautiful! It seems a bit softer than the whiskey. I think I'm loving the choco more than the whiskey. But they're both beautiful in diff. ways.

    The interior is black on the choco and natural on the whiskey. Btw, dealing with NAP was extremely easy.

    Here's the pics.

    Attached Files:

  2. They are beauties! Enjoy them!
  3. Beautiful! I'm liking the color on the choco, seems to have a bit of reddish/burgundy tint. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

    My Choco should be arriving today...can hardly wait to get home & open it!!!
  4. Beautiful...I'm so jealous..
  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :biggrin: I am loving the chocolate, it does have a nice reddish color to it.
  6. wow, both very very nice shades!
  7. Very nice! Enjoy!!!:love:
  8. Both gorgeous bags. Which one do you think you will carry more?
  9. Greatttttttt
  10. I'm really kinda loving the choco. Its really a great color!
  11. Omg... LOVE the choco!!! I especially like the dark interior. :love:
  12. Although lighter or brighter colored interiors make it easier to find stuff, I have to agree that dark interiors hold up better. Do they have a cell phone pocket???

    (Confirmed with our nanny that mine has arrived. I'm chomping at the bit to get home and open it.)
  13. yes, both have that little cell phone pocket. My razr fits perfectly!!
  14. Beautiful, I especially love the whisky paddy !
  15. Enjoy your beauties. Love them both!