Here's my taupe -- it's a very, VERY, good day!

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  1. Hi guys, well I got my taupe today too and I have to say (Daisy!!) I love the color, A LOT. I'm sooooo glad I was apprehensive and didn't get overly excited because I am truly pleased. I really adore the color, to me, it is a very elegant color. Love it. Especially w/the gold hardware.

    Here are pictures taken indoors and outdoors with no flash in any of the photos. Just love it. What a relief!
  2. Oh, and here's a picture I snapped of Seattle while outside. It's a beautiful day here -- no rain! One you have to see to believe :biggrin:
  3. Love it, mammab! I think the color and style is great!!
  4. PREEEEEEEETTY! Great pics too. Wow, I think the Taupe really suits that size bag. Had I not already owned this color, I'd be on NAP ordering it right now! Your pics make it look great. I'll shut up one of these days, but..... does your bag have a strong fumey smell? Is the leather thick and heavy or soft and buttery?

    Congrats and enjoy!!
  5. Okay, so I was totally sniffing my bag when hubby walked into the kitchen and gave me a strange look. :lol: I can report that no, it does not have that smell.

    It's also thick (compared to the tan large pocket I was man handling the other day which was super thin) and soft. I was very worried about it having thin leather when I saw the tan large pocket. Phew.
  6. *man handling* :lol:

    Oh, this smell hits you in the face, you wouldn't have to stick your nose in it. The smell whafts over into the next room. I'm envious of your stank-free bag!

    That scenic pic is gorgeous!! I'd kill for a view like that.
  7. Congrats again, Mammab!
  8. Congratulations! What a beauty!
  9. Congrats & enjoy!
  10. mammab - that bag is gorgeous :nuts: - and I agree the large pocket does the color justice. any chance of getting a shot of you holding it? the LVR mannequin is just too weird, and if I recall correctly, this is the ONE size bag SoCal hasn't sampled? :amuse: Or can you take a pic, say, sitting next to a paddy satchel?

    Oh and one more! How long is the handle drop? Thanks! :biggrin:
  11. Oh, OH! One more! Can you weigh it and report back? :biggrin:

    I avoid the scale at all costs except for outgoing packages and weighing debatable handbags! :shame:
  12. love your new bag!!!!
  13. Ooooh! Another Taupe owner! Congrats mammab!
  14. :biggrin: I sampled this one too, but I did not bring her home. The medium pocket was the perfect size for me. I decided on Gladys for the large.

    Again, glad to hear it was a very, very good day! (Shades of Christopher Robin...wasn't that comment made in a children's story? Hmmm, can't get it out of my head...)
  15. Congrats Mammab! The color is a nice neutral, and I think your outdoor picture may just capture it with some justice! I would like to see a pic of it on (to compare with mine). How do you like the size?

    Blugenie, I sold mine and I believe it was around 7 lbs. to ship. Hope that helps!

    I wish it had not been so big on was a great shoulder bag.
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