Here's My Sophie ..with something extra!

  1. Here's my Sophie with my Beige Inclusion Speedy Key Ring! :yahoo:
    IMG_0446.JPG IMG_0449.JPG
  2. very pretty virginia! enjoy!
  3. Sophie looks cute with the key chain!
  4. It looks fantastic. I am so jealous that you have the Sophie....maybe someday!
  5. Very pretty! Congratulations!
  6. How did you get your Sophie? I'm so jealous!!
  7. She's gorgeous... congrats, Virginia!
  8. so pretty
  9. very cute! does the inclusion speedy scratch easily?
  10. Beautiful!!!! congratulations!!!
  11. she's stunning, congrats:yahoo:

  12. i purchased it off of eBay.. only to find out later that my seller was a tpf member which made me feel all the more better!!!
  13. so far, i haven't had any problems with mine.. but then again, mine just hang off of my bags. i haven't used it with keys yet. HTH!
  14. Beautiful, congrats!
  15. Pretty, Congrat's.