Here's my small updated collection!

  1. I started my bag collection in ehh... december 2006 maybe more like february. I'm pretty happy with it since im only 17.

    If you have any questions or want bigger pics of one of the pieces let me know!
    now what does this need?
  2. Oo Very nice collection!
    Esp since your 17 :yes:
  3. nice collection B!!!!!!:tup:

    ohhh, you're that young!!!!! ;):heart: even though i LOVE LV....your gucci stands out, i love it!! heehee
  4. i dont see a speedy in there !!
  5. Congrats, you have a lovely collection. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Very nice.
  7. Nice collection
  8. OMG I love your azur keepall.
  9. ohhh do you like ur gucci blue tote??? i have one on my way (if it ever gets here yuck)

    is it hugeeeeeeee!?!?

    hot collection ;)
  10. Thank you everyone for the nice comments. luvednotspoiled, the tote it pretty huge but i love it!
  11. You've got a nice collection, keep going girl!! :tup:
  12. Nice collection :nuts:
  13. Very nice collection, and you're only 17? Imagine how much you'll have by the time you're 20!!!
  14. your keepall is gorgeous! great collection.
  15. Awesome collection. Thanks for sharing your family.