Here's my small satchel...loving her!!

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  1. So I'm new to the Dooney madness and I'm obsessed. Lol. I've gotten a few recently but I'm not keeping them all. Can't. Shouldn't.
    But this is a keeper! I got a teal "as is" on QVC and she's not perfect but pretty close. It had a dust bag, tag on it but no card. (Can I still register her online?) small versus regular satchel debate still continues. I have a taupe satchel coming from ILoveDooney which I'm planning on keeping. (It was delayed due to bad weather. Grrrgh.) Meanwhile, here's my girl... :smile:
  2. Very pretty!
  3. Thanks! I should add, I tend to overpack my bags. And this small "just" fits my necessities. No room for extras. But good enough. Eager to see what I can do with the regular-sized satchel. :smile:
  4. I love my full sized satchel for those times when I want to carry everything and am not in a tote mood. But fully loaded, it's heavy! My new Stanwich satchels are slightly less roomy but feel soooo much lighter.

    I think there's room for a variety of sizes in any girl's collection. :biggrin:
  5. The color is so gorgeous! Its just too easy to fall in love with Dooney bags:smile:
  6. Love your new bag! Thanks for the mod shots.

    I can't wait for your review of the taupe satchel when you receive it!

  7. I'm already eyeing the Stanwich bags! lol. I've seen them looking lovely here, but then spotted them on QVC tonight....I might have to look into those. I did hear they're a bit lighter. Could be good. Or bad. lol.
  8. Thanks!!
    I can't wait to touch it and see it. It was supposed to be yesterday! So not happy. Now I have to wait till Monday before the end of the day. Can't come quick enough!

  9. I bought mine "As Is" for a steal- on easy pay, too! I've heard you can get them for at least 30% off retail from the Dooney outlets, also. :biggrin:
  10. Soooo easy to fall in love. And I am. I'm trying to make a road trip tomorrow to check out an outlet. That's the next phase I haven't tried yet. lol.
    Loving the teal color. I'm not a green girl so I was worried it would be too green. But it is a blue/green and it's a rich color, I love it.
  11. Thanks!!!
    My collection has begun....

  12. Gorgeous! I love the teal. You'll be surprised how "denim friendly" the color is!
  13. Gorgeous and looks awesome on you! Congrats!
  14. It looks gorgeous on you. I think the size suits you very well. I fell in love with the teal today at the outlet and brought home the tassel satchel. It was 65% off. They had the large satchel in teal too. I went to the Aurora, IL outlet. Good luck with your trip. I hope you find something nice. :smile:
  15. Ooohhh thats cute!