here's my PRADA & MIUMIU collection!!!

  1. i've been browsing PRADA & MIUMIU thread for a long time...
    and most of u have very nice PRADA & MIUMIU items!!!
    and here's mine...just wanna share them with u all!!!
    CIMG2676.jpg CIMG2679.jpg CIMG2681.jpg CIMG2682.jpg CIMG2696.jpg
  2. more pics with flash!!!
    CIMG2673.jpg CIMG2694.jpg
  3. some more pics of closing up!!!
    CIMG2648.jpg CIMG2689.jpg CIMG2692.jpg Miumiu Coffer.jpg CIMG2685.jpg
  4. all the collection!!!
  5. Beautiful collection:smile:
  6. WOW :nuts: Absolutely Beautiful Collection!!! You go girl......................:party:
  7. Dear Amelia,

    can you post more close up picts of your pink satchel? The smaller one. I have the same in beige/nude but it doesn't come with the strap. How big is that particular purse?

    Thank you! :smile:

  8. u mean my pink PRADA wallet???
    there are only two pink is a miumiu bag with strap...
    the other is a prada wallet...
    (btw...and above the pink prada wallet...there is a salmon (dirty pink) prada clutch)
    tell me which one u want plz)
  9. Love all of the bags in your collection! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Nice collection. I love all the different colors!
  11. Wonderful collection! I love all of them. :love:
  12. Very Nice :smile:
  13. you are one hell of a collector ! beautiful !:okay:
  14. OOh Amelia,

    I meant more close up picts of this purse

    [​IMG] CIMG2692.jpg (69.5 KB, 7 views)

  15. That's a lovely group of bags and you accessorize so nicely !! Love the big black Prada most !!