Heres my pets..

  1. I just noticed this part of the pf so have to post pics:p! Some of these are old pics..

    My dogs. (both girls)
    Maddie is a chihuahua X chinese crested and is 3 later this year
    Popsi is a blue merle border collie and she is 3 1/2

    My cats.
    Tammy (boy) is a burmese X regular cat he is 4 later this year
    Fluffy (boy) is a regular cat he is 10
    Suki (girl) is a regular cat she is 4 later this year
    Teque (girl) we think she is a regular cat but she is unusual colours..she is 9 I think

    I also have a longhaired guinea pig and she is called Rapunzel and she is 4 or 5.

    I got all my pets when they were babies apart from Teque who we got aged 3.

    Maddie/Madison & Popsi

    LOL sorry for writing so much about them! I love 'em all.:smile: :smile:

    PS: Maddie looks soooo scruffy in that pic, it was before she went to the groomers LOL!
  2. Awww, cute! Those are good pics. My animals never want to "pose".
  3. Cute pets!!:cutesy:
  4. Adorable!!
  5. Your pets are lovely! Do they all get along ok?
  6. You have an adorable crew!
  7. :love::love::love:
  8. I love your cats~~~:heart::heart::heart: And your dogs are cute, too:p
  9. your babies are so adorable! I love Fluffy - our neighbors have a cat that looks just like that and she is the sweetest cat ever!
  10. Aww! Cute family!
  11. What an adorable family! Do they all get along with eachother?
  12. Awwwww they're all adorable! :heart: :smile:
  13. What an awesome bunch!
  14. Cute family- the dogs are adorable!
  15. Very cute family!