Heres my PCE goodies too!!

  1. O.K. so its not a Carly (already have 3:sweatdrop:) nor is it a legacy item (already have 3 of those too:push:smile: But it a bag and sunnies I have been admiring for a long time:tup:
    Here they are:
    My blach soho sig. satchel and my lexie sunnies. Im in L:heart:VE!
    Ebay Pics 319.jpg Ebay Pics 320.jpg Ebay Pics 321.jpg
  2. Those are beautiful, ranskimmie!:drool:
  3. Congrats! Love that satchel. :heart:
  4. Lovely!
  5. VERY nice.
  6. We need a modeling pic with those sunnies! Nice buys.
  7. I have that bag in leather and love it :tup:!! You'll love yours. You can put so much it.
  8. really love those sunnies!
  9. Awesome stuff! Enjoy them!
  10. Cute stuff!!
  11. luv the sunnies...congrats on the purchases!
  12. Nice! Enjoy them!
  13. Very cool! I have the Soho large satchel in white and love it (though I haven't used it yet. *L*). Those satchels are such a great shape, and those sunglasses are so cool. When do we get to see a modeling picture? Hmm? *taps foot*
  14. Very nice purchases! Love the sunnies! Enjoy!
  15. No way...those sunnies are too cute! Nice haul ranskimmie!