Here's my new Ultimate Soft!!!

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  1. I posted a couple days ago because I couldn't wait to share with everyone even tho I didn't have pics yet. We finally got home from our loooong driving trip (2 weeks is long to me) and I took photos right away. Gonna have to sell another of my black bags, 'cause I want to use this one (carefully;)) and not let it sit in the closet.

    The hardware is silver color. The pic of it on my arm makes it look spotted--don't know what happened; I'm a terrible photographer. Anyway I love it!!
    ChanelnewSoft.jpg ChanelUltimateSoft.jpg Chanelonarm.jpg
  2. Gorgeous bag!!! Looks so nice and soft...congrats!
  3. Beautiful!! I want this bag soo bad!!!
  4. This bag is super soft! Congrats!
  5. Great choice. What a beautiful bag!
  6. Ahh!! fabulous choice boxermom, you will love her so much. i still love mine like the day i got her! a very uncommon style and lovely.
  7. It looks so pretty in black. Congrats!
  8. Ooooooo...looks soooo soft! :nuts:

    Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  9. its absolutely gorgeous :smile:
  10. CONGRATS!!!
    Love it...great bag!
  11. Thank you all! You make me feel really good about my choice!
  12. Very nice...Congrats!
  13. Gorgeous bag! And you know, I've had a similar lambskin Chanel for about two years now, and you don't have to baby it as much as you might think. Scratches easily rub out with your fingertip. Congrats and enjoy. :yes:
  14. Oh CONGRATS, it's gorgeous!!!
  15. Oh Congrats - Boxermom!! I just LOVE that bag. Good to be home?