Here's my new (to me) Alma....!! Modeling(lol) pics!

  1. My new (to me) Alma arrived today!!!! I :heart:it!!! It has such a beautiful patina all over and the inside is super clean!! Yeah!! I am also loving the size (going to have to re-think the whole Manhattan PM issue!!), the other reason I :heart:it is I feel like I don't have to worry about the vachetta, especially on the bottom!
    OK, I feel like a real LV'er now that I have the Alma!!!! P.S. Thanks again John5!
    Image014.jpg Image015.jpg Image018.jpg
  2. Congrats, the bag is gorgeous!
  3. I love it . If fits everything congrats!!!!!!!!! YOu own a classic piece.
  4. WOW very nice, congrats! That patina is so yummmy like butterscotch...
  5. She's lovely! Wonderful patina!
  6. Aw it's so pretty! You're so lucky!
  7. It's lovely :smile:
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. Congrats!! It's gorgeous!!! Beautiful patina!
  10. pretty and LoVed...
  11. Looks terrific...makes me think I should dig mine out..if only I could get over the handheld thing...
  12. I love it! It's a gorgeous classic! I'm on a speedy path now, but one day I'm going to go down the alma path and snap up a mono and some epi almas! They are my favorite classic icons, the alma, speedy and papillon, what drew me to LV! I love your bedroom too!
  13. I have the Alma, it hasn't gotten the nice patina yet.

    Your bag looks lovely.
  14. she's a beauty & looks great on you too!
  15. Looks great!!!! :wlae:

    You're welcome btw! :smile: