Here's my new Olive Brown Day (No olive here)

  1. Here are the Olive Brown (not sure why they would call it that) it's a true dark chocolate brown. &&&&& My Truffle Day. I think the Truffle day is going to my sister. I LOVE the color of the Olive Day. What do you ladies think???

    I have a lot of dark brown in my wardrobe and the darker color seems to blend better.
    brown hobo1.JPG Brown hobos.JPG
  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love that colour and it is definitely chocolate brown in my eyes. I have been looking for a chocolate brown colour-who would have thought it was called olive brown;)

  3. Olive brown is yummy...! :love:
  4. I love both browns! The Day style looks so good in brown tones.
  5. I LOVE them both! My olive day has already been shipped to my friend since I live in the other side of the world, but I'll get it next week. I'm so excited!
  6. I love them both as well and the leather looks gorgeous on both! I'm a Truffle fan but I think I prefer the slightly more golden tone of the Olive.
  7. Both colors are great, the olive brown color is fantastic.
  8. Congrats, Z&J! :yahoo: Both bags are gorgeous, but I really love that color on the olive brown! :love: It looks so chocolate-y! :nuts: :nuts:
  9. i've forever wanting to see pics of the olive brown thanks for positng z&j :love: GORGEOUS !! im going to sell my other bbag to pay for the beauty :yes:
  10. Z&J pls post more pics of the olive brown tia :smile:
  11. Congrats, Z&J! :yahoo: Both bags are gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!
  12. Mmmmhhhhhhh yummmyyyy :drool: - - - I'd like the 'olive brown' (or chocolate) !!! It's a true, rich dark-brown IMO - and I love it :heart:
    CONGRATS Z&J . . . both hobos are GORGEOUS :flowers: :love:
  13. Oops, I had them switched. I think I like the Truffle better! Both are lovely though.
  14. I love browns, Olive brown is so pretty. congrats!
  15. it does look GOOOD in the day.. i saw it in the twiggy IRL and it looked really ashy and distressed.

    can you describe your leather?