Here's my new eye candy:)

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  1. I am sooo happy with the result. I had a diamond bangle made in NY and I went to get it yesterday. Love it!!!

    Here it is:smile:

    Uploaded with
  2. Stunning...congrats!
  3. WOW Please tell us more - what are the stats? The stones look huge.
  4. very pretty!
  5. pretty!
  6. gorgeous! we need a modeling pic, pretty please! :biggrin:
  7. It's gorgeous, congratulations and enjoy :smile:!
  8. Beautiful!
  9. Love it, more pics plse!
  10. More pics! This is gorgeous!
  11. Wow! Congratulations!
  12. I'll try taking more pics soon. The stones are VS2 F and there are 18x 0.20. I have a small wrist so it fits perfectly:smile:. It's going to my home jeweler today for an " inspection" and I will post more pics when it returns:smile:
  13. Wow! Stunning. Need action pics.
  14. Very pretty!
  15. Wow that is a gorgeous bracelet! Congrats and yes, I agree with everyone else: more pics!