Here's my new Dentelle Speedy

  1. Here's my new Dentelle Speedy in gold. I've had it since Saturday, and I'm not overly thrilled with it as I was when I bought it. I was more excited with my Damier Speedy 30 than this bag. I guess I feel it's too delicate and not my style. I think I'd rather have a LVOE tote instead. Unfortunately, the boutique is over an hour away, so taking it back with my busy schedule is impossible :push: I'm going to give it a few days, and if I still don't love it, I guess I'll go sell it.

  2. Congrats .. I love it ... the nomade trim is stunning....wait a few days and see how you feel;)
  3. Wow~your pics sooo clear and pretty!!!! I think i like it in pics than irl.
  4. Nice picture taking .... I wish my pictures would come out so nice and clear. ;)

    I'm so sorry the bag doesn't "thrill" you, but like you said just give it a few days and if you still don't love it ... then just sell it so you can get something else you really love.

    Good Luck! :flowers:
  5. Thanks, I've been taking up photography ever since I got my husband a DSLR camera for Christmas. :p

  6. Here's another picture that I thought turned out beautiful

  7. WOW that is beautiful ..what camera do you use???:drool:
  8. Drooling :drool: :drool: over your pics...... I swear they're the prettiest dentelle pics i've seen so far....
  9. It's a Nikon D50. I'm using an upgraded flash and a Macro lens.

  10. Very Beautiful! Love it!!!!
  11. I guess I'll throw out more picture candy



  12. Great pix^^
  13. your pics are really nice. If you dont really love it then i guess its not for you. I liked the gold dentelle in pics untill i saw it in real life, the gold is much too yellow and busy looking.
  14. Allison- your bag is gorgeous!
  15. I think its a very nice bag but if you are not happy with it, takeit back and get something else. Nice pics though.