Here's my new Bolide!!!!

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  1. After buying a few scarves and Karo, I started thinking about the possibility of owning an Hermes bag. The Bolide appeals to me the most and Brighton Blue is my absolute favorite color. At our get-together on the 20th, seeing nathansgirl's Birkin and Prada Psycho's Web, the desire grew.

    I must have visited the Hermes store at SouthPark at least 5 times over 1 1/2 days. When I discovered they had a Bolide in "my" color, it seemed like destiny and I (gulp) bought this gorgeous bag and scarf.

    The information you've all posted on this forum helped tremendously! So, I'm now the proud owner of a 37 Bolide in Clemence leather and silver (PH?) hardware.

    nathansgirl and Prada Psycho, along with the rest of you are my enablers (you too, hlfinn and RBB!)
  2. Oh Boxermom, that is the prettiest Bolide I ever saw!!! CONGRATS!! Wear it in good health!
  3. WOW that is absolutely STRIKING! I LOVE Brighton Blue. I'm hopefully going to get a BB Lindy at some point. And that Bolide is another bag on my long list of wants :p

  4. Your bag is lovely! I have a 35 brighton blue, love, love!!:heart:
  5. Boxermom ~ It's Absolutely Magnificent!!!!!!:heart:

    I Love Brighton Blue!!!!! I Just Saw That Bag This Week, Too!!! I'm So Glad It Went To You!!!!

    Enjoy & Wear In The Best Of Health!!!!

    What Color Is Your Karo?

    :heart: La Dance (sp.?) Pochette.....My Favorite ~ I Want It In Every color!!!!
  6. I loooooove the BB color and the bolide is my most fav H bag!! Enjoy!
  7. Ooooooh, just gorgeous!!! Congratulations!
  8. Congratulations boxermom! I love brighton blue and it looks gorgeous on your bolide.
  9. Gorgeous Bolide and love the color. You will fall in love with your bag over and over everyday:smile: Congratulations.
  10. Wow, Boxermom! Your BOLIDE is TDF! Gorgeous color, perfect size and leather! Love it!

  11. oh. my. god!!! what a gorgeous gorgeous bag!!! i ADORE the bolide and brighton blue is just the yummiest color. i personally think the 37 is the best size. so all in all imo you got the best bag!!! yay! love it! and the scarf. wowee. you went big! woot! (omg i am !!! crazy! lol). i am so happy for you boxermom! could not wish for a better bag for a sweeter person! wear it in good health!
    i think i'm coming to charlotte in january. if so we have to meet up!
  12. Beautiful bag, congratulations! And I love love love your scarf. What is it called please, I would love to get one too. Once again, so happy for you!
  13. Congrats--from a fellow BB clemence Bolide owner...
    Enjoy it!
  14. Congrats, boxermom!!!! I love blue brighton - your Bolide is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!
  15. Absolutely beautiful Bolide boxermom! The color is divine!