Here's my "new" black JUMBO lambskin flap, but...

  1. I'm not sure I can rock this?? :hrmm:

    I bought this big vintage Jumbo on eBay and today it found her way to my house.
    It is really huge and it makes my east/west look like a paperclip in comparison with this big black mama......

    What do you think???

  2. Wow..that jumbo is humongous, it looks like you're carrying a briefcase! :shocked: She's still gorgeous though!! Congrats on such a great find!
  3. Nice, but BIG!
  4. Thank you!

    I'm 1.67 cm, that's about 5.4 feet.
    I do think it's gorgeous, but I'm not sure if it looks too big on me....​
  5. hmm, what are you planning to use this bag for? for work it should be fine, but for going out it seems a bit big because it looks very stuctured as well.

    i personally only like big bags that are slouchy.
  6. That is one big mama. Try shortening the chain and wearing it closer up under your arm - I think that would look better.
  7. Comparing a jumbo to an e/w is not really apples to apples now is it? Yes, it's big but isn't a cabas even bigger? The question is are there times when you need or to take more than the e/w will allow? If that answer is yes, then keep it, or at least give it a fair shake and give it a few test runs before putting the boot to the bag. (BTW, it's very nice looking, indeed.)
  8. Love it! I agree, it depends what you are wanting to use it for. If you want to use it as an everyday bag to work, I think it works perfectly!:yes:
  9. Yes, I was planning to use it for work, because I can't fit my all personal things in the e/w. Well, I can surely fit everything and more in this one :roflmfao:
  10. Thanks Mon!

    jmen, you are right. I should give it a fair chance and I certainly will give it a few test runs. The pics I took were close-up and when I looked in the mirror just now from a distance I actually started to like it, so there's still hope for me and my jumbo :sweatdrop:
  11. WOW! I LOVE it!! Looks great on you, and it's perfect for work. So classy. I hope you keep it as a work bag.
  12. In terms of rocking it, I don't think it's appropriate for "clubbing", but seems functional enough for work. I was wondering if you could fit file folders in there. Have you compared it with the size of the GST?

    I think the bag looks fine on you. It just looks like a tote bag. Will the chains dig into your arms if you really load it up? That's my only concern about it.
  13. Wow its nice and big. How long is it inches? Its looks larger than the jumbo caviar
  14. I actually have this too, bought on eBay a while back (like a few years I believe)! When I first got it, I was stunned at the... hugeness haha... but for work, etc. I think it will fit your needs perfectly, and the structure of the bag will work in your favor carrying papers, files, etc.! Congratulations on a great find! :smile:

  15. Gorgeous, very cute, very big, lol!
    Such a fabulous bag, I love it!