here's my new birthday ring..

  1. so from this thread I couldn't decide between a half eternity or eternity ring for my 23 birthday....So I went back to the jewellry store again to see the ring, and to mee it looked too much of a wedding band..LOL *I know..I'm crazy* and it didn't sparkle enough :rolleyes: . So the SA showed another ring that I totally fell in love's got a unique style, preetier diamonds that sparkle more and was a lot less expensive than the other two! it is..white gold, .15 K pretty good for my first ring huh?!

    and, I can also wear it the other way around!! it's like two rings in one!! LOL...but i prefer to wear it this way!
    DSC03607.JPG DSC03608.JPG
  2. that is gorgeous!! beautiful, love the unique style!

    happy birthday!
  3. Pretty! Happy Birthday!
  4. thanks jen & irish gal! it's a week tomorrow!!! :yahoo: LOL..I love birthdays!
  5. Congrats and Happy Birthday!! :flowers:
  6. great ring, it's fabulous.
    happy birthday!
  7. Very nice, I like that it's unique!
  8. Congratulations!
    It's a lovely ring.
  9. COngrats! it's a lovely ring! nothing like having a new piece of jewelry! and i love rings too!!
  10. congrats! happy bday xxxxxx
  11. very nice. happy birthday!
  12. So pretty. Happy birthday.:flowers:
  13. Happy Birthday!!! Pretty ring!!! CONGRATS!!!
  14. It adorable!
  15. Happy Birthday!! Gorgeous ring :biggrin: