Here's my new *BABY*

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous color, congrats!
  2. The black on black is soooo chic!!! Job well done Mr.Wang!!! A black mini w/ RG sounds equally delicious! I'm still searching for my first Rocco (it'll also be my first AW!).... So many colors and hardware! Decisions decisions!!
  3. congrats love it!
  4. OMG!!! your baby rocco is soooo gorgeous N4P!! i have a mini rocco, but you're totally making me want a baby one as well!!

  5. Thank You :smile: I really love the size of the baby, I do want a mini as well though :biggrin: Are we ever really happy, lol!
  6. :giggles: you're right, the search for that next HG bag... IT NEVER ENDS~!!!