Heres My New Baby-- Yes The Red Jumbo

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  1. When I Got It Yesterday I Had Left My Camera At Home- Took The Pics Last Night And So Busy This Am- I Can Now Present Them To You
    DSC00092.JPG DSC00093.JPG DSC00094.JPG
  2. Wow, what a beautiful bag!!! Love it!!!! Congrats!!
  3. Love it.
  4. It is so beautiful! I know I've said this before but I am extremely jealous of everyone getting one!

    I can only get one and at this time, unfortunately, I really need a black bag.
  5. So nice! Is that the new chain? V.pretty!!
  6. WOWZA!! :drool: Congrats!
  7. Yummy!! How heavy is the new chain???
  8. I :heart: it, Of course.
  9. Congrats ... Drop Dead Gorgeous!
  10. I am in L O V E .....:heart: :heart: :heart:

  11. beauitful!:heart: enjoy her!:yahoo:
  12. oooh. i love red. how gorgeous.
  13. i love it!!!!!

    Congratz!!!!and enjoy;)
  14. I absolutely love it, congrats!!! :smile: Mine came yesterday, and I'm over the moon... will post pics soon! :smile:
  15. Beautiful. Congrats.