Here's my Mamma Mia Spiaggia!

  1. Here's some eye candy for you all. :p I love the print placement on my Mamma.. It doesn't have any ocean parts on it with the fishies which was what I was looking for and features mostly beach scenes. :yahoo: The only thing I'm bummed about is the girl right in the middle. I would've prefered her to be more on the side. Oh wells.. Can't have it all I guess :push:
    spiaggia front.jpg spiaggia back.jpg spiaggia bottom.jpg
  2. that's a great mamma mia! congrats!
  3. ahhh, do you wanna swap?? That's perfect print placement IMO!!
  4. Thanks!! I feel like I lucked out with the print placement. It was the only one there and I love it!
  5. where did you get it?? I love that it has the boy eating the hot dog. I tried to get him on mine but the one they had w/him on it had the fishes on the other side and I'm not big on the fishes.

    BTW, still jealous that you have a Sophie and I don't.........well maybe I will soon in August!!
  6. I picked mine up at Nordstrom's in SCP. They're price matching Bloomie's F&F right now so I got an extra 20% off! :wlae:
  7. what?? I asked them if they would do macys and they told me NO. sux. [​IMG]

    so I got mine full price at lesportsux. Did they have any accessories??
  8. I didn't see any accessories. Did you ask at the SCP Nordies?? Either way, they should be honoring it at all Nordies because last fall, when Macy's had their F&F, the SA didn't offer it to me but I went to my local Nordies at Westfield Santa Anita and they did a price adjustment for me.

    Can you still return the one at LeSportsac and get to a Nordies today? F&F ends today so today will be the last day for it.
  9. unfortunately lesportSUX doesn't do refunds, only store credit. So nope!!
  10. Aww.. that does suck! :sad:
  11. That sucks your LeSportsac doesn't give refunds... Ours gives us 14 days! I bought my first tokidoki (Foresta bella) at Ala Moana and then I found one with better placement and $30 cheaper so I returned the original one.
  12. the girl said I could return it for a refund to their online site but that's in kentucky and would take weeks so it's a big PITA!

    I could also return it with my amex but again I'd have to pay to ship it to them and then drive all over today to find another to get the 20% off and who knows if I'd even find one..........besides I got great print placement!
  13. That's strange that LeSportsac has different return policies... You'd think it'd be universal.
  14. Yea.. the LeSportsac at Bev Center is return for credit only within 30 days.
  15. and the store credit is only good for up to 1 year. i read that when i got my spiaggia there yesterday.

    GREAT print placement, by the way! :woohoo: i love the back even though it has the girl with the crooked feet/ least you have the monkey, adios and the unicorn!