Here's my Mabel (yes, you knew I'd get one!)

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  1. This won't come as a surprise but I bought a Mabel this morning at Shepton. :shame:
    It's a medium in dark pink - the colour is actually nothing like dark pink, think a colourblind man named it!
    Anyway, it's a cross between sludge & mushroom & it's actually rather lovely! I wasn't sure at first but after much pondering, including the SA taking it outside for me to see it in daylight, I bought it. It's very neutral & I reckon it will be one of those colours that goes with everything. I'm already loving how light Mabel is!
    So, here she is. :love:

    Also owning up - I swapped lemon Roxy for her! Loved, loved, loved Roxy but she was just too bloomin' heavy!
    Mabel 2.JPG Mabel 4.JPG Mabel 1.JPG Mabel 3.JPG
  2. Lovely colour sarajane definately not dark pink though the leather looks great
  3. Wow!!! Congrats!!!! And congrats on realizing and swapping the Roxy for this Mabel. Looks totally, utterly FAB! Enjoy.
  4. That's so lovely, wonderful colour, congratulations!
  5. Thanks! There I was hoping no-one would notice my owning up about Roxy, ha ha! If only they would do a Roxy in a lighter leather, I adore the style but came to my senses & realised I just couldn't lug it around all day. Chaz must have amazing arm muscles!!
  6. Gorgeous, congrats, think you're right about the colourblind man though, maybe a very pale blush sorta pink, maybe.
  7. Wow SaraJane, I'm amazed you did a one in one out. Definately worth it though, especially as you were struggling to really love Roxy.
  8. Wow!! So you did it!! That is gorgeous!!! Mmmm,mono Mabel is calling my name I think!

    But your right about the Rox,it is a heavy bag,but as I have ben carrying Sophie around for God knows how long,its a feather to me!! But the aqua one I have in glove is sooooooooo much lighter,so maybe keep your eyes peeled for one of those in a color you like?? I'm not sure what other colors they did in glove leather??

    But as long as you have what you truly makes you happy from the bottom of your heart,or wallet!, then you've made the best personal choice for you,and you know you'll thoroughly enjoy it!! It is beautiful,well done!!!
  9. :dothewave:

    Good choice !!!
  10. Sarajane, congratulations!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I know you were looking for a red Mabel but I like this color a lot (though am puzzled by the name, as you said). I think it will be perfect for spring and summer.

    I don't know if you saw my reply to your suggestion that I look at a medium Mabel instead ... I was wondering how the med. Mabel compares in size to the Roxanne. I have a Roxanne and it's just a bit on the small side for me. But dimensions can be tricky - for instance, I bought a Coach bag that should have been perfectly sized for me, based on its measurements, but when I put my things inside it, it looked like a stuffed sausage. I have other bags with the same dimensions that work fine for me.
    Thanks for any help (and I didn't mean to hijack your thread - please feel free to PM me!) :yes:
  11. Lovely! Very summery and fresh, congrats!
  12. Thanks all!
    Chaz, I so want a Roxy as it's so me attitude-wise! They had your aqua one & I did try it but with all my stuff in it was still like lifting weights when I compared it to Mabel. I will just admire everyone else's!

    Tara - I know you're a Mabel girl - can see now why you love this bag. It's taken me a while to appreciate it but it really is something rather special. I'm very pleased with my funny pink number!

    Goldenflower - I'd say this medium Mabel is a similar size to the Roxanne. What on earth do you carry around if the Roxy is too small?????!! :lol:
    I saw the large today & I see what you mean about the fastening, it would drive me absolutely bonkers.
    I was after the red initially (and could have picked one up today from a store). I did think about buying red as well (and then going on a ban for about the next 10 yrs!) but the yearning for red seems to have dissipated. I'm really pleased with this sludgey one, reckon it would work well in winter too.
    So, getting back to your Mabel - has the red one gone back?
  13. SJ - that bag is gorgeous! Very well done! Will you post a modeling pic??

    Just make sure you have a belt on!!!

    runs and hides!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. SJ Its a beautiful colour and really, although I loved the Roxy, having seen your collection I think this is more YOU than the Lemon.

    I have a feeling this is going to be your new fave bag!
  15. You could well be right! Hanover is getting a bit heavy now the better weather is coming - reckon my summer looks will be tangerine Araline & this Mabel.

    Kroquet - modelling pics coming - now where did I put that belt!!!!