Here's my loot.....

  1. I went to H on Saturday to buy a Garden Party...and this is what I came back with....:

    Garden Party Toile H/brown Buffalo PM? (36cm)

    My 35 Swift Havane Birkin P/H (it had just arrived and my SA was about to call me as I walked in, talk about coincidences!)

    Carré "Fleurs et Plumes"

    Carré "Découpages"

    Here are the pics...they're not too good since the wheather is bad and there's not much light...
  2. Can't see the pictures.....
  3. Duna, congrats! But I don't see the pics:sad:
  4. Congrats Duna!!! :yahoo:
  5. Duna, your SO arrived so quickly.
  6. I can't see your pictures either but they sound beautiful. I am happy that your Birkin arrived so quickly, it will be so nice for the fall. Congratulations!!!!
  7. It hasn't worked...I'll have to try again later when my DS comes back, the pics are too big and I don't know how to make them smaller...:cursing:
  8. Waiting here.....waiting......

    Hey D! You bought two wonderful scarves BTW.....Can't wait to see the colorways you chose! LOVE Decoupages ever since I saw Grands! And your SO really DID come fast!!!!
  9. Congratulations, your loot sounds wonderful!
  10. oooh congrats! i can't wait to see pictures of the loot!!
  11. Congratulations, Duna!!! You got quite a number of fabulous things here!! Pics please????:nuts: :nuts:
  12. Congrats!!! can't wait to see pix!
  13. Here are the pics, I hope....
    Immagine 001.jpg Immagine 004.jpg Immagine 006.jpg Immagine 007.jpg Immagine 010.jpg Immagine 014.jpg Immagine 019.jpg

  14. Beautiful items, duna!! Congratulations! You have excellent taste!:yes: