Here's my khaki/white slim flap !!!!

  1. So, I returned the Legacy pouch because it was a tad too small. What do you guys think of the Slim Flap on me? Only problem with the slim flap is well..the flap..LOL..prefer zip tops and the fact that it won't sit up on its own is bugging me.....:cursing: May just hold on to this baby and wait for more new Legacy bags to come out. If nothing floats my boat, I'll probably keep this for my summer bag. I really want something with the khaki/white combo in the Legacy line....
    IMG_0373.jpg IMG_0374.jpg
  2. I love the color combo! I have the khaki/white Ali and I love her! You will get a ton of compliments!
  3. I like it! :tup: I think the size looks MUCH better on you. :yes:
  4. I like that bag on you, too!!!!! I REALLY love that khaki/white combo as well!!!!! GREAT choice!!!!
  5. Thanks Fields, I agree.....I think us tall gals look better in bigger bags...:yes:
  6. Thanks mommyville and Ann!!
  7. Yeah I agree this bag looks better on you. Plus you have boys so you would need extra room just in case for things they need or something.
  8. That bag looks gorgeous on you!
  9. That looks SO great on you! I like this bag a lot :yes:
  10. GORGEOUSNESS on you! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I love that bag, and it looks really good on you. It is stunning and would make a perfect summer bag! I have the same bag in khaki/black and while I would like it to stand up on its own, I prefer the slimmer silhouette it presents from the front.
  12. I think the bag looks really good on you! I use to be a flap girl, but since becoming addicted to Coach, I have become drawn to the zip top.
  13. Thanks guys....Now that I see it on myself, I think this looks better compared to the pouch. :tup:
  14. I also prefer a zip top...:yes: but the look and size of the Alis and Slim Flap suits me better than the other Legacy zip top styles....everything is a trade off when it come to our bags, isn't it? LOL....I've yet to find my "perfect" bag. someday....Coach just hasn't made her yet but I'll keep test driving the others until they do! :yes:
  15. I COMPLETELY feel the same way about everything you wrote in this post :tup::yes: