Here's my GH AnthraCity!

  1. Wellll, I have a hunch most won't like this combo but I think it's :love:. I don't see any green in mine at all. I'd call it sort of a midnight blue/slate color. :heart:


    It amost looks like my blueberry in the last pic but it doesn't at all IRL, it's more grey.
    anthra 1.jpg anthra 2.jpg anthra 3.jpg
  2. Va va va VOOM!!!! The GH makes it look HOT!
  3. Glimmer, that combo is DEADLY! Such a beautiful bag, and a first I've seen in this combo. Congrats! :yahoo:
  4. great looking bag, glimmer!!!!!!!!congrats!!!!!!!
  5. :heart: the color...
  6. Gorgeous! does she fits on the shoulder at all?
  7. very nice! enjoy!
  8. what a beauty...
  9. Absolutely beautiful, I have no idea how someone couldnt love this bag!!!!
  10. It's it with the Giant hardware! Are the handles as long as the GH Part-Time? I just rec'd a GH Part Time in Aquamarine and I'm thinking of exchanging it for a City. I feel the GH is more of an elegant dress-up bag (i.e., not an everyday bag), and the Part Time style is just too big for that purpose.
  11. congrats! looks fab!!! :biggrin: Thanks for sharing pics!!!
  12. Against my wishes, I do not have petite arms so it does not fit over the shoulder comfortably for me. The handles are unfortunately not as long as the PT. :sad: I always carry my Cities over the arm or with the shoulder strap (one reason I never carry my Work is because I gotsta have the shoulder strap!).

    Thanks everyone!

    <-- Helen, ROFL hamster sends you a kiss!
  13. Glimmer : What a beautiful combanation! Love her!

    Fiatflux: The PT's handles are a little longer that the city and trust me after a while, once you get used to it, the PT is not that big anymore!
  14. Hey Fiat, my handles do look kinda big there! Maybe I need to try again?
  15. Glimmy~ I :heart: :heart: :heart: it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: