Here's my first YSL bag - Medium Ivory Muse

  1. I got this bag from BlueFly and was having second thoughts about it. But, it has grown on me and I love it. Here's some pics. Sorry, they are not good quality, I took them in the bathroom. Will take some more in daylight and update. I am 5ft 2" tall.
    Ivory_muse.jpg Ivory_muse2.jpg Ivory_muse3.jpg
  2. Beautiful bag, congrats!! I'm happy that SOME of us got our Bluefly orders!
  3. Thanks glitterglo. This was my first BlueFly purchase and while I am glad I got mine, I am sorry y'all did get yours. I hope they make amends.
  4. Congrats lhasalover, love your new Muse! Glad you received your Bluefly order.
  5. Slightly better pics.
    muse1.jpg muse2.jpg
  6. Congrats on your muse!
  7. love it. congrats.
  8. congrats! how much is it?
  9. Congratulations! It's gorgeous.
  10. $753
  11. It's beautiful, congratulations! I love the ivory Muse and it was a great price.
  12. i love it, congrats!!
  13. I'm so jealous!
  14. Beautiful bag!
  15. Thanks all. I guess I better start using it.:p