Here's My Collection

  1. It is not that much but it is still growing :yahoo:I have a D&B wristlet (on wish list below) on the way and am in the process of choosing my next Coach from my wishlet seen in signature. Plus I have only a couple more months and I am visiting the outlet store :okay:
    mycoachpursesJPG.jpg myfavoriterightnow.JPG
  2. Love your coach bags!
  3. Great collection!
  4. Oooh I love that red and straw combo :drool:
  5. nice collection
  6. Nice Collection! thanks for sharing!
  7. Great collection!:woohoo:
  8. Yes....that is my favorite right now. My cousin saw it in her store and thought I would love it (she lives out of state so I am not sure if it was an outlet or what) but she took a pic with her camera phone and sent it to me. I called her right away. It was the only one they had.
  9. Cute collection- love the tan suede!
  10. Cuteness..........great looking bags:heart:
  11. I will be adding the following items to it very very soon. And then I am on a self imposed :ban:until August when I go to the Coach outlet store. It is a 3 hour drive so I am definitely going to get something when I go. :yahoo:
    coachcharm.jpg coachscarf.jpg coachsohosmallhobo.jpg coachtote.jpg coachwristlet.jpg
  12. Ok, so I am also getting another charm (after a little help and unamoius vote from my fellow coach ladies. A pic is attached.

    I also order and D&B wristlet because it is sooo cute. Pic attached.
    watermelon.jpg db.jpg
  13. That is a very nice start!!
  14. I thought I would post some better pictures since the one I have on here is not that good. Plus I thought I would do pics of each one by itself to show it off ;) I will have to do more than one post to get them all.
    P6090002.JPG P6090003.JPG P6090004.JPG P6090007.JPG P6090001.JPG
  15. And more.....
    P6090012.JPG P6090008.JPG P6090010.JPG P6090013.JPG P6090015.JPG