Here's my Chloe Collection. Growing since Oct 06!

  1. Black Paddington satchel, Navy medium paddington, Large gray Betty, Bay Bowler in Ecru.
  2. Beautiful collection. I ahve never seen a paddington. you have inspired me to hit the mall and check one out!
  3. Wow I love your all Chloés !
  4. Nice selection of Chloes---beautiful bags.
  5. They're gorgeous! :love:
  6. the color of your navy paddington is lovely!
  7. yummy!
  8. Very nice!
  9. I love Chloes! Wonderful colors - thanks for sharing your collection with us! :yes:
  10. ooh the bags look so roomy and yummmmmy
  11. Beautiful Collection.
  12. Beautiful Chloe collection. The colors are awsome.
  13. Thanks for sharing with us. Your collection is lovely. I especially love the blue Paddington.
  14. Very nice! The dark blue purse is a gorgeous colour!
  15. Great collection!! thanks for sharing!