here's my cerises! group picture

  1. Here's what I have so far. My pochette arrived today so I took a group picture like I promised you guys I would. The picture includes: pochette accessories, cles, rond, long zip, and compact zip :amuse:

  2. Cute, Love the family! Enjoy!
  3. Love them all! Congrats on your new pochette!
  4. They look sooo cute!! GREAT collection!!

    Do you use any of them? They all look so perfect.

    I've heard the cherries can fade with use, have you found that problem at all?
  5. No problems as of yet on fading. I use the compact zip everyday. In that photo, the compact zip is actually full of my stuff. I use the cles for quick trips to the grocery and stuff like that. The others have been in their dustbags unused.
  6. Wow, love them all. I only have a cles. Regret not buying more.
  7. Beautiful family!
  8. now u need speedy :biggrin:
  9. Beautiful collection Allison. I just adore that pochette :love:
  10. beautiful...i sort of slept on the cerises line...i thought it was wack, then got the pochette and wanted more.
  11. SO NICE!!!:love:
  12. Can't wait to see the Speedy, Sac Plat, and the Bucket :P
  13. Very nice!:love:
  14. very pretty!
  15. allison, they're so lovely they're almost edible! Congrats on your new pieces!