Here's my 2007 collection!!!

  1. My bag addiction started with Juicy Couture a few years ago. Since then I came to like other brands and just for 2007 I bought these non-Juicy bags. Most of them I bought on sale (except for Chanel and LV). So here they are, my 12 (wow I just realized that is one bag per month, not bad eh?) bags for 2007 not including my Juicy bags.
    From LEFT to RIGHT, TOP to BOTTOM:
    1st row: MJ Large Black leather tote, MJ Elastic Quilted Stam in Black Patent Leather, Isabella Fiore Burgundy Hobo
    2nd row: LV Mono Speedy 35, LV Damier Speedy 25, LAMB Bag (don't know style)
    3rd row: LV Mono Pochette Accesoires, LV Damier Sophie, Balenciaga Camel Partition Bag
    4th row: Jimmy Choo Thelma Clutch, Chanel Medium Classic Flap in Black Caviar, Balenciaga Whistle Bag with Croc trim
    Designer Bag Collection.JPG
  2. And here are my old Juicy Couture handbags (I notice am missing my blue cherries daydreamer) I started collection about 3 years ago. My 6yr old daughter Julia in the pic. I might sell some of these babies :sad:[​IMG]
  3. I love your collection...the Chanel flap is TDF and I love the Damier Sophie and the Damier Speedy. Your daughter is very cute, have you ever considered passing on some of your Juicy bags to her instead of selling them? I know she's still pretty young for a handbag addiction, though. :p
  4. your chanel is gorgeous! i really like that you have alot of versatility with your pieces
  5. Very cute collection. Love the damier pieces.
  6. Wow, I love love love your LV's and chanel ... great collection! How are you liking the speedy 35 ... do you find it too big, thinking about buying that size.
  7. Nice collection. I love your Stam.
  8. What a beautiful varied collection. You have something for every outfit!
  9. Thank you SweetPurple. Yes I like the speedy 35 more than the size of the 30. I don't find it too big, and I like to use it as a work bag. Haven't taken her out too much though because of the rain.
  10. Thank you margaritamix! That Chanel is my precious! Yeah, I thought about that too. I just hope that Juicy will still be in when she grows up. Now I am careful with buying bags, and I try to buy classic pieces so she can inherit them.
  11. Thank you Marie83, lecolquitt, LVuittonLover, and LoVer!
  12. loovvve your stam and the balenciaga whistle looks v. classy :yes:
  13. Love your MJ Large Black tote! Nice collection!!
  14. You've got a great collection!
  15. Love the Chanel and Jimmy Choo!