Here's mine... NOW show me YOUR'S!!

  1. I was surfing Google Earth and thought it would be fun to find LV stores.... :idea: and I pictured mine! Now, I would like to see your's!! ;) :wlae:

    lv lx.jpg
  2. i dont have one. :tdown:
  3. mine is in a mall lol.
    Paramus New Jersey
  4. Mine is Waikiki LV.
  5. Mine was Union Square, now it's Copley, and soon will be a So Cal LV
  6. here's the SF Union Square store. gotta love google street view...
  7. Michelle, i love the pics!
  8. Here's mine!!!

  9. How did you post with the picture??? :?:
  10. heehee thanks sophia! :smile: i noticed the LV sign is crooked. don't worry, it's not really like that! lol. those are 2 photos that the google street view map stitched together :p
    nice thing about this location? if i don't find anything here, i can go across the street to the one at neiman's :smile: (which i like a bit more since it's less crowded and Ann, Jordan and Latrice are all great SAs :biggrin:)
  11. Here I am!

  12. By getting a screen shot of the image. If you're on a Windows laptop, click on the "Fn" key and then the "Prt Sc" key. Then paste that in a blank template on your image editing software. :smile:
  13. Ohhh MJ....I miss the Bay Area! Just seeing the name Santa Clara *sigh* LOL

    Mine is Michigan Avenue in Chicago...
  14. Here is mine, Socialite, Brendating and Spangles store