Here's arrival #2!! This should be easier...

  1. OK, so here's the other LV that arrived today! :yahoo:

    This one is in like-new, almost flawless condition! Except for the can barely tell this bag has been used! And the hardware is hardly scratched at all; I was surprised at the condition of the bag when it arrived! Best of all, I got it for a great price too--this was one satisfying purchase!!

    As promised, I am now doing another guessing game thingy...and I will post pics up once someone's guessed it correctly.

    One hint is below...
    and another one...I said in the other thread: I love small bags, so don't guess a Speedy 30!
    nubag1.jpg nubag2.jpg
  2. alma? or is it smaller?
  3. Smaller :yes:
    Personally, I prefer bags between the size of the Pochette and...the Speedy.
  4. this is the recital!!! or did you already recieve that??
  5. mini looping??
  6. Musette Tango?
  7. salsa!!!!! and tacos? with lots of magaritas!!!!
  8. AUGH!! I knew it! I knew someone would get it! :lol:
    Lee would get it right away...since I was asking for someone to authenticate the Recital for me...

    Anyways, here's the baby!

    I find that it's much more roomier than the pochette...and it's so much easier to carry, since I'm always scared of getting my CB pochette dirty! Plus, this one has very little vachetta (except for the strap, but that can be replaced--no problem) so I won't have to worry about it as much as my other two vachetta bags!

    Edit: Ack, my modeling pics exceeded the limit, will post those later.
  9. Mmmm...magaritasss....:drool:
  10. :P such a cutie!! :heart:

    come on, model it for us!!! :nuts: :love: :heart:
  11. Ok my photo editing program is a bit messed, but here are my modeling pics:
    recital1.jpg recital2.jpg recital3.jpg recital5.jpg
  12. Congrats, really cute. :yes: I think someone posted`a pic in the celeb section showing Victoria Beckham with one, looked really cool.
  13. very cute!! sorry I guessed it right away! I remember you telling us that you got a recital, so I was thinking...this is probably it!! congrats, it looks perfect!!
  14. :lol: :roflmfao: You made me LOL... I woke my mom up. :Push:

    Also, congrats on the new bag, Karman!!! and good job on the guess, Jamie!!! :yes:
  15. cute!