Here's Are Real WTF Moment I Had Today...

  1. I was in the Coach factory store in Riverhead today looking for a few gifts and great buys. I had one SA helping me who seemed to be a very sweet girl. All of a sudden she notices that I have the large denim Carly on my shoulder and she starts telling me how UGLY it is!!!! I kid you not! I mean WTF???:wtf: I am not upset that she doesn't like the bag-to each her own-but to make that comment to me OUT LOUD in the middle of a busy store was just too much. I can't imagine that Coach want their SA's to say things like this to customers wearing ANY bag, much less one of their own! I actually asked her if she was feeling alright? She said I am fine, WHY? I said there had to be good reason for her to make such a rude comment to a customer. I could have gotten really PO'd but I decided that I was too happy with the things I found and I am way too happy with my large denim Carly to let her get me crazy so I just walked away and paid for my selections. I just had to share that bit of insanity with all of you. :shrugs:
  2. I don't think she was feeling very well.

    What a wackjob.
  3. thats horrible i am so sorry to hear that

    but on a happy note what wonderful things did u find! :smile:
  4. She's obviously an idiot and a bad salesperson. Who comments negatively on their own product??? It makes no difference what she likes...noone cares. I'm glad you found some things to buy.
  5. Wow... she must have had a big bowl of stupid before she went to work! consider the source and as long as it makes you happy, that's all that counts. :smile:

  6. Actually it was a very good day at the outlet despite this looney response I got from one of the SA's. I bought my neice a Hampton Striped demi pouch for $79. I bought my Mom a large SOHO hobo in mahogany for $144 and I picked up the SOHO leather XL Flap bag for $159!! That bag is originally $698! :nuts: I also got an oblong scribble C scarf in grass for $39 and a blue scribble flower bandana for $29. When I get my camera back I am going to post photos. :smile:

  7. Next time I encounter such a person I will have to use that line!! LOL:roflmfao:
  8. May I ask how old this SA was? I am just curious. I can't imagine someone older being this opinionated/outspoken about a Coach product,especially when they work for Coach.
  9. I would say this SA was about 25-27 years old. Too old to get away with being a "dumb kid".
  10. Yes, you are right about that! Well, she just has no common sense! Sorry about that...
    I'm happy you got some wonderful items and that you were able to laugh about it here on this forum!
  11. It's lucky for her that YOU were having such a good day and didn't tell the manager about her rude comment!!

    ~anxiously waiting for those pics!!
  12. :shrugs: that really is a WTF moment!!! What was she thinking?!?!

    Anyways, nice haul!!!! :yes:
    That "bowl of stupid" comment made my night!!! :roflmfao:
  13. wtf!
    just knew that theres an SA says bad things bout their own product!
    she could be fired if u report her i guess..
  14. Maybe, she found it it UGLY because she cannot afford it. In my book, that is called Sour Grapes!!

  15. Wow.