Here's another "What would you do?" scenario

  1. I sold my LV french purse on eBay this past Sunday. The buyer emailed me and said she would pay via paypal. Today, she sends me this email:

    Hi there.. I was going to pay for this today via paypal and when I logged into my account I was notified that my account was accessed by a third party.. I spoke with paypal and the funds are going to be posted back to my account within 10 business days.. This is paypal's time frame on Fraud claims.. I am so sorry. You can call them to verify this if you would like. Someone accessed my account and took out over $1,300.00..

    Of course, paypal is not going to discuss her account with me. So there's no way for me to call and verify something with her account. I looked at her bidding history and she's purchased at least $1K worth of LV merchandise in the past month. I'm wondering if she's feeding me a line and she just doesn't have the money. She does have negative feedback in her profile but most of it was a long time ago. Suggestions anyone?

    I already emailed her and asked her to send me a money order instead. I have not heard back yet.
  2. Hmm. What you could do is to call Paypal to see if it is true that their time frame on fraud claims is 10 business days. If that is the case, it lends some credibility to her email. If it isn't the case (I don't know what their time frame is), then it would seem more likely that you're being played.
  3. Here's what she had to say after I asked her to send me a money order:

    That is just the problem. All my $$ is tied up in PayPal. They assure me it won't take the full 10 days, however they have to say that to cover themselves.

    Hmm, sounds fishy to me. I guess I'll wait until I can file a NPB and see what happens. Sucks, I was using the money to put toward my new french purse!
  4. I think she's stalling for more time. Me? I would relist the wallet and file for my fees back.
  5. Did you have a "payment must be made within ___ days" disclaimer in your auction? Since you have to wait a bit to file a NPB and she's assured you it won't take the full ten days, give her until then. Send an email letting her know that per eBay rules (since it's a binding contract) she must pay you within 7 days (I think) so if she wants to take her chances with paypal at least she'll know it's at her own risk.
  6. I will just wait for 7 days and file NPB. Get the FV fees back and relist. Even if she was telling the truth, her not paying on time is still a fact. You are not a department store. Even they will not wait for 2 weeks.
  7. Yes, I find it very odd that she said "All my $$ is tied up in PayPal." Who on earth keeps all their money in their paypal account? I think she's lying and stalling for time, and I can't be bothered. I'll just file NPB as soon as I can and not bother asking her anymore when she's going to pay.
  8. Well, she would up paying via paypal yesterday. So she was either stalling or telling the truth. In either case, I guess I'll be mailing the wallet today. Fhew!