Here's another Twiggy, the seller is someone you all know!

  1. Gorgeous bag!!!! Good luck on the sale, becca!
  2. Thank you! I have 13 watchers but zero action. I wonder if it is the color or that it is a twiggy style that are making people pass up on it.
  3. I WANT IT! should i trade in my skyblue hobo?
  4. becca, i'm sure there is a loving home for it out there. that's a great price for a beautiful bag in a summery 2005 color! don't worry, someone will snatch it when you least expect it :yes: ;) i would've loved to be its new mommy because i don't have any light blue bags :love: but i just blew money on 5 bags in under 2 weeks :shocked:
  5. folks, i just recently acquired a sky blue twiggy. it's such a great style for that color! (or great color for that style:smile: )
    But i have to say, the only style i like better in sky blue is the hobo!
  6. good luck!!! :amuse:
  7. It is such a pretty bag, I'm sure it will sell :yes:. Good luck!
  8. gorgeous! i really like sky blue, very very easy to wear!

    funny story- i once bought a sky blue twiggy from an online store and when it arrived it was the MINI twiggy! I was so disappointed!! I was so hoping for the twiggy size, this is gonna make someone super happy! I just bought 2 bbags in the last 2 weeks, so I'm out. poo!

    I think it'll sell- I'm having similar problems w/ my listing. Lots of watchers, no buyers. grr!
  9. Ooooohhhh, so very tempting. I'm a watcher, possibly a buyer if I can persuade DH. :smile:
  10. becca, good luck wih sale. i have the exact same twiggy bag in sky blue which i think about selling bc i also have the same exact sky blue color in the city. sky blue is a fab color so i havent let go of my sky blue twiggy yet bc the color is great!!!!!!!!!!im sure you will have no problem selling yours!:heart:
  11. congrats on your sale! WOW, becca, did someone really buy-it-now without making an offer! CONGRATS!
  12. Congrats Becca! Great result!
  13. Yes, it was a wonderful PF member! I know that she will give the bag a wonderful new home!! ;)
  14. Congrats Becca!
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